Alice's Garden

S Bence

Most of the world’s rice production occurs oceans away from the United States. In 2011, molecular biologist Michael Schläppi dove into rice research hoping to grow the grain in Wisconsin.

According Schläppi, 80 percent of the rice Americans consume is grown in a handful of states, especially Arkansas and California. “But I think it would be wise to think about, with climate change or the drought in California, maybe they won’t be able to grow rice anymore,” he says.

Music has its Grammy Awards. The movie industry has the Oscars.  Live theater has the Tony Awards. But when it comes to revitalizing Milwaukee neighborhoods, the name on the awards is "MANDI."  

S Bence

A few months ago, Milwaukee joined four other cities in the Thriving Cities Project. Each explored “what it means and what it takes to thrive in” their city.

Marti Mikkelson

The high profile killings of two teenage boys have occupied headlines this week.

First, there was the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. Now, in Milwaukee, the killer of Darius Simmons has been on trial.

In both cases, the victim was a young black male, unarmed and confronted by a white man upset about crime.

About a dozen young people are pulling up vegetables in the sweltering heat in Milwaukee's central city.   It’s harvest time at Alice’s Garden – a garden the neighborhood shares.