Unplanned Biography Helps Grieving Mother

Jun 26, 2014

On a Sunday morning in February 2008, Wisconsin native Matt Manger-Lynch was killed after being struck by a van during a bicycle race in Chicago. He was 29 years old. A chef, a cyclist, an outdoorsman, an adventurer, he left behind his parents, his brother, a wife, and family and friends across the globe.

Bonnie North

Blacksmithing brings to mind a lot of images, most of them out history or myth.

Austin Kleon

If you haven't seen the work of best-selling author Austin Kleon, you might at first mistake one of his poems for a redacted CIA document.

Vallen Gillett

Milwaukee is home to many good photographers, ranging from the strictly amateur to the internationally renowned. While he hasn’t quite gotten to the second category, Vallen Gillett is well on his way.

Museum of Wisconsin Art

Handicrafts made during the Great Depression are currently on display at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Alessandra Sanguinetti, Postcards from America, tumblr

Photography is usually thought of a solitary pursuit, but when you're trying to capture the essence of a state like Wisconsin, you might need some back-up.

UWM Art History Department

Unbeknownst to many in the city, UW-Milwaukee's art history department holds a significant number of original prints by the Russian Jewish artist Marc Chagall.

National Art Collections Fund, 1906

The 17th century wasn't kind to Spain. The formerly powerful empire was crumbling, burdened by debt and a corrupt government.

Milwaukee Art Museum

If you’ve walked along the lakefront by the Milwaukee Art Museum recently, you may have seen a new sculpture and done a double-take.

William Zuback/Digital photograph

We’ve all heard the cliché – don’t judge a book by its cover.