Bike to Work Week

6:00 am
Mon May 12, 2014

Advocates Strive to Pull Riders into Bike to Work Week

Evan Pack (left) found a home for his vending machine at Mark Miller's restaurant American Euros.

Evan Pack would do almost anything to inspire people to try bike riding. Even meet a reporter at 7:30 am to show off a recent coup.

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1:09 pm
Mon May 13, 2013

Paving the Way to a Bike Commuting Culture

Early morning - Day One of Bike to Work Week - volunteers set up coffee and snacks along Oak Leaf Trail

Commuting to work by bike may not be a common practice, but it is definitely growing. Every year, advocates around the country serve up coffee by the barrelful and offer free tune-ups in hopes of widening the circle.  Monday is day one of Bike To Work Week in Milwaukee. We hear from local advocates, who practice what they preach.

I’m probably breaking every safety code in the bicycle book – microphone in hand and camera dangling around my neck - as I prepare to trail behind Jessica Binder and her son. They’re heading to school. Four-year-old Everett waits patiently. He’s properly helmeted aboard his scooter.

“ It’s called a skuut. And I can ride a pedal bike down my alley and all the way to school I can bike it,” Everett says.

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