There are few people in the Milwaukee education community who don't have strong feelings, one way or another, about Dr. Howard Fuller.

Back in July, bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert spent an evening chatting with Lake Effect's Bonnie North at Boswell Book Company.

For most of us, math is terrifying.  Even if we did well in school, few of us see how math has anything to do with our everyday lives, save for calculating a tip or a batting average.

For the past three years, Americans have been looking back at the Civil War during its 150th anniversary.  The war, in many ways, still shapes America today - in areas such as race relations and the economy. 

The experience of war - the life and death of combat, the difficulty of soldiers in readjusting to society after battle - has always made for compelling fiction. 

Later this month, some of the top rowers in the country will descend on Wisconsin for the annual Milwaukee River Challenge.

Summer, waning as it may be, is a time for things like hiking, swimming, canoeing, family vacations – and sometimes all of the above.

There are still a few precious weeks of summer ahead of us - still time to squeeze in a trip or two up north, or a few afternoons at the beach, or maybe a round or two of miniature golf.

Scoop: When Life Gets Stressful, Make Ice Cream

Aug 18, 2014


A recently-released book tells the story that tells a remarkable Wisconsin story of dairy success.

If there is a typical road to ice cream success, Jeff Miller’s story is perhaps not that typical story.  He didn’t graduate from the dairy science program at Madison and he’s not even a Wisconsin native.  

What he is, is a Minnesota native who pursued a career in international law and was living with his partner Dean in London, before making a sudden radical career shift inspired by a metaphor that he stumbled into. He found that ice cream was the solution.

All right quick – name an actor known for playing cowboys.