Chloe Ellefson encounters more mayhem than you might imagine for a curator at Old World Wisconsin. Fortunately for all of us, Chloe is a fictional character, and the murders she helps unravel are also fictitious.

Bret Anthony Johnston makes his home in Boston these days, but his artistic feet are firmly planted in his real home town of Corpus Christi, Texas; the setting of his best-selling novel, Remember Me Like This.

What books make good gifts? According to Boswell Book Company's Daniel Goldin, the book must have a visual component.

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We've talked with writer Michael Perry on the show quite a few times about his nonfiction - memoirs of life lived in rural western Wisconsin. 


When Richard Davidson first began his doctoral work more than 30 years ago, the disciplines of neuroscience and psychology didn't play well together.

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Gabrielle Hamilton has attained a level of fame that extends beyond her New York restaurant, Prune

In the days since the Apollo missions, few astronauts have attained icon status the way Chris Hadfield has.

The Films of War

Nov 14, 2014

  Which leaves a more lasting impression on Americans – images of war or images from war movies? A new book tries to answer that question.


Canadian novelist Miriam Toews has covered the subject of suicide in her work before.

When it comes to children’s literature, it’s hard to beat a good animal story. And that’s good news for South Milwaukee children’s book author Janet Halfmann, who has written more than a few animal-themed books in her career.