The Films of War

Nov 14, 2014

  Which leaves a more lasting impression on Americans – images of war or images from war movies? A new book tries to answer that question.


Canadian novelist Miriam Toews has covered the subject of suicide in her work before.

When it comes to children’s literature, it’s hard to beat a good animal story. And that’s good news for South Milwaukee children’s book author Janet Halfmann, who has written more than a few animal-themed books in her career.

Why is so much academic writing basically unreadable? Steven Pinker says the writers are cursed with too much knowledge.

The death of Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi this week of complications from Alzheimer’s has many of us thinking about our parents, our grandparents, even ourselves.,

Michael Giorgio is a longtime Wisconsin resident who lives in Waukesha; Nanci Rathbun is a longtime Wisconsinite who left for Tennessee for a time before coming back. But regardless of where they live, the Badger State is front and center in both writers’ new mystery novels.

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The people who inhabit Minnesota writer Brad Zellar’s novel, House of Coates, are all around us, but most of us rarely notice them.

For many of us, the northwoods are a place to get away for a while, and maybe recharge before returning to the rat race of city life.

For the characters in Wisconsin-native Rebecca Rasmussen’s new novel, the northwoods are part and parcel of their life. Evergreen tells the story of three generations who are connected to a remote community of sorts in northern Minnesota. 

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Author Chris Guillebeau has made a name for himself encouraging people to think differently.

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El Salvador is a long way from the University of Wisconsin-Whiterwater. But writer and social work professor Jim Winship has made the trip many times. 

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Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his architectural designs. But a new book argues that it’s his thinking itself that was truly visionary.

The India we see in books, movies, and television feels like an exotic place – certainly, nothing like southeastern Wisconsin. But the India of Betsy Woodman’s novels might seem more familiar to a Wisconsinite, and at the same time, exotic to people living in that country today.

The vision of the end of civilization in Emily St. John Mandel’s new novel would be chilling enough – a fast-moving plague from overseas wipes out nearly everyone it touches – even without the real-life Ebola outbreak killing people in Africa.

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Environmental issues have stirred up many emotions throughout the years. Global warming, rainforest preservation, and oil drilling, to name a few.

One issue in particular has effected Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota: sand fracking, a method of drilling for natural gas.

Those who are in favor of the method are in favor of the jobs it creates and the access to a natural resource. Those who are against the method do not support what it does to the natural landscape.

There are few people in the Milwaukee education community who don't have strong feelings, one way or another, about Dr. Howard Fuller.