Children's Hospital shooting

A man accused of causing a lockdown at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is facing a new charge of felony child abuse.

Authorities say Ashanti Hendricks either dropped or threw the baby he was holding when officers approached him in the neo-natal unit earlier this month.  The child suffered a skull fracture.

Prosecutors filed an amended complaint Monday, for the suspect's preliminary hearing.  Hendricks waived his right to the hearing and pleaded not guilty to all charges.  He's also charged with possessing a gun as a felon and bail jumping.

A Milwaukee County judge has ordered the man who was shot and wounded by police at Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa to remain in custody.

Ashanti Hendricks appeared in court Tuesday, handcuffed to a wheelchair with his left arm and hand bandaged.  He's charged with bail jumping, possessing a gun as a felon and resisting an officer. 

Officers shot Hendricks twice inside the neo-natal unit of the hospital last Thursday.  Police say they received a tip that Hendricks was wanted for gun possession and was believed to be carrying a weapon in the hospital.

Following a police shooting at Children's Hospital last week, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wants more information sharing among law enforcement.