City of Milwaukee

Group Changes Minds About Inner City Neighborhoods

Oct 24, 2013

We’ve all heard the negative stereotypes of inner-city Milwaukee as a place in crisis. Violence and crime, high rates of foreclosures, problems with drugs are all often linked with the inner city.

Guide Explores Milwaukee's 'Cosmo Corner'

Oct 14, 2013
Boswell Books

For those of you who think you know Milwaukee pretty well, Tom Pilarzyk would like to challenge that notion.

Looking Up at Milwaukee's Architecture

Sep 14, 2013
Eleanor Peterson, Lake Effect

While Milwaukeeans are rushing through the streets with their heads in their phones, there is a beautiful city of Germanic architecture standing by.

Not being from Milwaukee, one of the first things I noticed about this beautiful city was the character these buildings have. Whether the buildings are downtown or a little farther out, this 21st Century city has some strong 19th Century roots that can be told through their architecture.

The City of Milwaukee has amended its ordinance regarding tall grass and noxious weeds.

Gov. Walker could wipe out Milwaukee’s long-standing residency requirement this weekend.

Jodie Tabak

More than 100 teens will work for the City of Milwaukee this summer.