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Where Presidential Candidates Stand On Climate Change

Aug 11, 2015

Last week, President Obama released a plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants. Climate change has also been cropping up on the presidential campaign trail — both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have released their own proposals.

Today, Pope Francis took the unprecedented step of issuing a formal opinion on the environment

His encyclical, titled On Care of Our Common Home, states humankind has a moral obligation to radically change its behavior, in order to protect the planet for future generations.

Like the rest of the globe, the Midwest is expected to warm, but thus far scientists cannot clearly predict if the region will become wetter or drier. Even more perplexing, is the fact that temperatures in the Midwest have not yet significantly increased.

The puzzle is the subject of a study led by Dartmouth College assistant professor of geography Jonathan Winter.

He started digging into the Midwest while working on his PhD.

Forty-five years after Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day, Tia Nelson is caught between carrying on her father's legacy and hewing to the guidelines of her state government job.

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A full-page ad ran in the Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday pulling Gov. Walker into the debate over a recent decision to bar workers on a state board from talking about and working on items related to climate change.

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There are a lot of factors, scientists say, that feed into climate change. Carbon emissions are high on the list, of course. But another culprit is increasingly sharing the blame. 

Even if you drive an electric car, even if you have solar panels on your house, even if you compost, recycle and reuse, your food consumption habits play into the climate change dynamic.

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Dr. Stephen Carpenter, of UW-Madison, is one of 18 international authors sharing the message that humans are impacting the world's ecosystems and changes must be made to ensure life on Earth continues.

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The film Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink reveals what scientists have learned about two cataclysmic events that extinguished nearly every plant and animal on earth; and rising concerns that humans could cause the next disaster.

With the cold weather returning, November may seem like a strong argument against the idea of a warming climate.

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The August data from the National Climatic Data Center shows that the planet experienced its hottest June, July, and August on record. 

The news comes as 120 heads of state plus other representatives are coming to New York for tomorrow’s United Nations Climate Summit, which will be addressed by dignitaries from Al Gore to Leonardo DiCaprio.

"They hope to do some ground work to kind of guarantee that the countries will have significant meaningful plans in the works in advance of the Paris meeting the following year," says George Stone.