Common Core

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Common Core standards have been a political flash point since they were introduced and implemented.  Some believe they’re an unwanted government intrusion into local control of schools, while others say nationwide standards are necessary to ensure a quality education across the country.

Jordan Ellenberg, a math professor at UW-Madison, falls under the latter category.


A federal report out Thursday reinforces the notion that when it comes to state standards, proficiency is still in the eye of the beholder.

A top-scoring student on Arizona's reading test may fall far below average in states with more rigorous exams, like Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

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Both Republicans and Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature have drafted measures aimed at reforming education in Wisconsin.

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Gov. Walker jolted quite a few Wisconsin school districts last week when he proposed scrapping Common Core standards that have been in the works for years.

Late Thursday, Gov. Walker urged legislators to repeal the Common Core education standards the state has been moving toward and create new ones.

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Wisconsin continues its tug of war over Common Core standards. They spell out what American students should learn and when. 

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Though Wisconsin adopted the Common Core Standards three years ago, recent debate has reignited the discussion over  how to measure academic standards, school accountability, charter schools, and even real estate.

Primer on Common Core Standards for Wisconsin

Dec 11, 2013

As Wisconsin debates how to proceed with Common Core in public schools, here are comparisons between the old and new academic standards.

Wisconsin Will Soon Set Its Common Core Direction

Nov 20, 2013

We could have a good idea of the direction Wisconsin will head on Common Core.  On Tuesday, members of an Assembly panel drew their conclusions.

New national test results find black eighth graders’ reading scores in Wisconsin rank lowest in the country.

Common Core standards are a hot topic lately. At least 40 states have adopted the academic standards for their students, Wisconsin included. But, now there is pressure to back away from Common Core.

Experts and officials from around the country gathered in Milwaukee this week, in part, to discuss educational standards and accountability.

Forty-five states including Wisconsin have adopted what’s known as common core standards.  They’re federal criteria outlining what students should learn in math and English at specified grade levels and how it should be taught.