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Seventy years after World War II came to a conclusion, some of the realities of war have changed a lot – especially in terms of technology.  But Lake Effect contributor Art Cyr says there are some issues – and some debates that haven’t changed.

Up close and personal - that describes targeting individuals in wartime, even when impersonal drone aircraft and electronics are employed.


Facebook recently unveiled plans to fly high-altitude drones over remote places to beam internet access to underserved populations. 

It seems like not a week goes by that drones don’t end up in the news – sometimes for controversial reasons, like entering restricted airspace; and sometime good ones, like helping search for disaster survivors.

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The day of the drone is upon us.

Essay: Disappearing Privacy

Sep 11, 2014
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Today is the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that brought down planes and buildings in New York; Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. In the time since then, laws have been passed, measures have been taken and technology developed in the name of improving our national security.

Wisconsin Weighs In on Drones

May 29, 2013
Madison Area Technical College

While the U.S. debates the use of drones for military purposes, a bipartisan group of Wisconsin legislators is proposing rules for civilian and police use here. A committee is gathering public input Wednesday.