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State Sen. Chris Larson is urging his supporters to give incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele another chance after he defeated Larson on Tuesday.

The crowd had thinned out by the time Larson arrived at around 9:45 pm, but there still enough supporters in the room to give him a warm welcome. While upbeat, Larson acknowledged that this was not the result he wanted. Still he vowed to keep fighting.

“So big money may have won the battle, but they haven’t won the war,” Larson says.


Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders have been declared winners of Wisconsin's presidential primaries. In local races, both Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele have won their re-election bids.

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In two cases brought to WUWM's attention Tuesday, the voters knew the rules regarding same-day registration and the state's Voter ID law, but the poll workers' initial responses were wrong.

A Shorewood voter posted on Facebook today the troubles his son had registering to vote. Though he had a valid ID with his current address, the poll worker asked for additional Proof of Residence as well as his social security number. Later, the precinct captain confirmed he had everything he needed to register to vote.


Wisconsin residents will need to show a valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot in Tuesday's election, which includes the presidential primaries.

What kinds of IDs can you use?

Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board put together the "Bring It To The Ballot" website to inform voters about the new voter ID law and created this list of acceptable forms of identification:

These types are accepted, unexpired or expired after the date of the most recent general election:

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When you vote on Tuesday, you're likely to see big crowds. Neil Albrecht is executive director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission. He's projecting that 50-60 percent of all registered voters will head to the polls, which he says "is very strong for an April election."

Albrecht compares the projection to the presidential primary in 2012, when only 38 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

Tuesday marks one week until Election Day in Milwaukee. The city boasts a number of what are expected to be tight races, not least among them the fight for County Executive.

Incumbent Chris Abele and his challenger, State Senator Chris Larson, have sparred over a slew of issues. One of the most contentious points is education – specifically, what role the county executive should play when it comes to helping turnaround struggling MPS schools.

The controversy over the nomination of Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court has spilled over into a Wisconsin U.S. Senate race.

Former Democratic Sen. Russell Feingold, who was defeated by current Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in 2010, is trying to get his old seat back. Like other Republicans, Johnson does not support hearings for Garland, but he’s trailing Feingold in the polls by a wide margin.

Marti Mikkelson reports from Here & Now contributor WUWM in Milwaukee.

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There was a steady line at the Ziedler Municipal Building in downtown Milwaukee on Monday, as early voting got underway for the April 5 election.

Voters will decide several races. They include for state Supreme Court, Milwaukee County executive and Milwaukee mayor.  Wisconsinites will also pick candidates in the state’s presidential primaries.

We stopped by the polling place to ask early voters what’s on their mind this election season.

Donald Trump has won the Nevada Republican caucuses, giving the billionaire his third victory in two weeks and a huge surge of momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio held a narrow but decisive lead for second place over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. With all caucus votes in, Rubio had 23.9 percent to Cruz's 21.4 percent, according to the Associated Press.

But it was Trump who towered above his two top rivals, nearly doubling the support of his nearest competitor with 45.9 percent of the vote.

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The race for the Milwaukee County Executive is hot. In last week’s primary, incumbent Chris Abele and state Senator Chris Larson ended up in a virtual dead heat, and despite the fact that Abele spent 20 times more. On Monday the men sparred over issues ranging from public transit to the county’s structural deficit and behavioral health system.

The hour long debate opened with a question about what the two candidates would tackle in their first 100 days as county executive. For Chris Larson, his first priority would be undoing what he called Chris Abele’s power grabs.

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The projected two winners of each Feb. 16, 2016 Primary, who will advance to the April 5 General Election.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Primary:
Rebecca Bradley (inc.)
Joanne Kloppenburg

Milwaukee County Executive Primary:
Chris Abele (inc.)
Christopher Larson

Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 11:
Patricia Najera
Dan Sebring

Only a few dozen votes separated incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and state Senator Chris Larson, in Tuesday's spring Primary. The two far outpaced the other two candidates in the race.

Abele has spent tens of thousands of dollars of his own money in recent months highlighting his tenure as county executive. Those ads have talked about his fiscal responsibility and progress at holding taxes steady while providing a full range of county services.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett finished first in Tuesday's spring Primary, followed by Alderman Bob Donovan. So the two will face off in April's General Election for a four-year term as mayor.

During the campaign so far, Barrett has touted accomplishments of his three terms as mayor, including in terms of development and re-development projects. Donovan has countered by pointing to the city's high homicide rate in 2015 and blasting the mayor's plan to build a streetcar line downtown, saying the priorities are wrong.

Justice Rebecca Bradley and Appeals Court Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg will face off for a 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, April 5. They were the top two vote getters in Tuesday's Primary. Bradley collected 45% of the vote to Kloppenburg's 43%. In third place was Joe Donald with 12%.

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City of Milwaukee residents will go to the polls Tuesday to decide which two candidates will advance to the April General Election for Mayor.

Incumbent Tom Barrett faces a challenge from long-standing Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Davis, along with political newcomer James Methu. All four recently made their cases during a debate in the central city.