3:26 pm
Mon January 27, 2014

Essay: Rage Against the Answering Machine

Do you get annoyed by automated answering systems?

Automated telephone answering systems were supposed to help firms conduct their business more efficiently and to help those calling for information get to the right person faster.

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2:19 pm
Fri January 24, 2014

ESSAY: DMV Visit Leaves Milwaukee Woman Asking, 'What's My Name?'

Cari Carlson learns what documents she really needs at the DMV.

Many people dread a trip to the DMV. Lake Effect essayist Cari Carlson had good reason to:

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Politics & Government
5:22 pm
Mon January 20, 2014

ESSAY: Unpacking Sen. Ron Johnson's Comments and Lawsuit over 'Obamacare'

When U.S. Senator Ron Johnson announced he was suing the federal government over the Affordable Care Act, a lot was made over the difference of opinion within Republican circles over the suit. 

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Health & Science
1:50 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

ESSAY: Will What We Teach Now Be Relevant Later?

Dr. Bruce Campbell recalls assisting in one memorable surgery early in his career.

No matter how much learning we do, there's still going to be information we don't know. Essayist Dr. Bruce Campbell can relate, as he goes about teaching the surgeons of the future:

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Arts & Culture
6:00 pm
Wed January 8, 2014

ESSAY: Cabin Fever Gets to Us All

Unrelated to his North Woods cabin, essayist George Berdes is experiencing some cabin fever.
Credit Ian BC North/Flickr

In the midst of such a harsh winter, cabin fever is affecting young and old alike, as Lake Effect essayist George Berdes can attest:

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5:29 pm
Tue January 7, 2014

ESSAY: Wauwatosa Man Learns Silent Lessons from Trappist Monks

Wauwatosa resident Richard Hedderman heads to St. Joseph's Abbey in Massachusetts for his annual retreat.
Credit John Phelan

Essayist and poet Richard Hedderman may live in Wauwatosa, but every year he travels to a spiritual retreat at a Trappist Monastery. He reads his piece, "The Longitudes of Silence":

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Arts & Culture
3:41 pm
Mon January 6, 2014

ESSAY: In This Weather, Enter the Car Wash at Your Own Risk

Essayist Mark Siegrist fears being frozen in at the car wash.

Lake Effect essayist Mark Siegrist learned a thing or two about icing when he took his own man-made structure out into the cold:

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5:49 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

ESSAY: We Must Ensure Access to Good Food Throughout Milwaukee

Essayist Kyle Cherek talks about a food desert in his former neighborhood.

In 2011, Growing Power's Will Allen had this to say about Lake Effect contributor Kyle Cherek:

"Eating food is what we all have in common. It’s important that everyone has access to the same good food, regardless of their economic standing. This is about social justice. Kyle gets this."

It was a very nice thing to say, but two years later, Cherek isn't quite so sure he did get it:

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12:41 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

ESSAY: Consider That Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Essayist Avi Lank says there's been an "undue public emphasis" on Chanukah to coincide with the Christmas holiday.
Credit Kraemer Family Library/Flickr

I once worked at a social service agency filled with people who truly cared about humanity and toiled diligently for small pay to understand and help everyone.

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5:08 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

Essay: Visiting a Psychic in Search of Mom

An essayist, in search of why her late mother hasn't given her a sign, goes to a psychic.
Credit ancient history/Flickr

The holidays can be tough for those who have lost a loved one. Essayist Mel Miskimen lost her mother in the spring and is facing her first Christmas without her:

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