Essay: Hey, Dean!!

Mar 19, 2015
Mitch Teich

With higher education funding still hanging in the balance in Wisconsin, Lake Effect humor essayist Joel Habush thought it might be important to peek inside the ivory tower and find out how things really work.

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Social media sites, like Facebook, and Instragram, have enabled many of us to keep in contact with – or even reconnect with old friends we might have thought we’d never hear from again.  But with few exceptions, the nature of friendships is different when they play out in pictures or brief status updates.  Lake Effect essayist Lane Pierce reflects on one friendship lost and found again.

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Suicide, or the threat of it, is an often shadowed part of many of our family histories. Lake Effect essayist Pan Parker’s family is no exception.

Lake Effect essayist Art Cyr says science, religion and politics often don’t mix.

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Before Lake Effect essayist Avi Lank was a journalist, he earned an economics degree. As such, he has taken a hard look at Governor Walker's proposal to make cuts to the UW system.

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When it comes to making a momentous decision in your life, how do you do it?

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Where are you going to be this Sunday, around 12 noon? Many of us who are not at Lambeau Field will likely be positioned in front of a television set. And it’s for those people that essayist Joel Habush offers the following public service.

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The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence recently released 525 pages of its long awaited report on the use of torture by the CIA in the ongoing “war on terror.”

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When many of us hit a milestone birthday, our celebration might include cake, ice cream, and maybe even champagne.  Lake Effect essayist Cari Carlson laces up her hiking boots.

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Essayist Ed Makowski reads his essay about selling Christmas trees in Florida.

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The case of Dontre Hamilton – a black man killed in an altercation with a white police officer – shines another light on the divide that frequently exists in this community.

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Holiday displays like the one at the BMO Harris building often shape our memories of the season and remain with us long after we’re no longer children. But sometimes different memories define the perfect Christmas for us, as essayist Alexandra Rosas discovers:

On a thin carpet over bare wood floors, my brother and I sat and waited. Buzzing with anticipation, our   eyes wide, giggling, with our fingers in our mouths. It was Christmas Eve, and my entire family was sitting around our tinsel covered, brightly lit Christmas tree.

Essay: ‘Tis the Season

Dec 17, 2014
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There's been violence in the news this week - the mass murder of school children in Pakistan, the hostage drama and killings in Sydney, Australia.

And it's a time of year that leads Lake Effect essayist Aleta Chossek to think back on the violence that touched her family, years ago.

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All of us face challenges in life – big ones, small ones, and challenges in between.  In fact, there are days when life can seem like a constant struggle to keep all the juggling balls in the air before they come crashing down. 

As people begin to look at the leading storylines from the past year, the rise of the so-called Islamic State movement – and its attacks on western interests – will surely be one of the international stories at the top of the list.