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Adam Ryan Morris

Ah yes, another St. Patrick’s Day has descended upon Milwaukee, turning the city and its merry "Irish for a day" revelers green. At Ex Fabula, we’re reflecting on how fast the Season has gone. For some of us, St. Patrick’s Day represents the coming spring (snow or no snow), and in just two short months we’ll wrap up another amazing season supported by our dear community. How lucky we are! So in the spirit of counting our blessings, this week we’re bringing you stories of luck. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.


It can be uncomfortable to discuss race relations. Discussions may be particularly minimal, in a region as segregated as metro Milwaukee. The group Ex Fabula relies on storytelling to make inroads. It invites its fellows to share personal tales about prejudice and misunderstandings.

Art Montes

How do you identify yourself? Are you a middle-aged disabled woman; a working single mother; a transgendered project manager; a social justice activist? Maybe you are several of these identities. Have you ever considered how the boxes we check to identify ourselves can both empower and imprison us?

This week we have two powerful stories about identity and the boxes we assign to others and ourselves.

Kat Schleicher / Ex Fabula

Love. Right now, there are countless people celebrating it, cursing it or searching for it. And who can blame them? Love is a many splendor thing. So this week, we’ve asked some of our volunteers what their favorite Ex Fabula Love Stories are and now we’re sharing them with you.

Art Montes

Education has been front page news since the beginning of 2017. From the controversial appointment of the new United States Secretary of Education to Tuesday’s Wisconsin Primary for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, all eyes are on education. This week we’re featuring stories about the importance of educatio - not from those making decisions at the top, but the importance of those in the classrooms. Educators, we salute you.

Ex Fabula: Water

Feb 18, 2017
Art Montes / Ex Fabula

Humans are 50% water. The Earth is 70% water. As Milwaukeeans the water is part of our identity; Milwaukee - a great place on a great lake. It’s no wonder why our February StorySlam theme is Water. Not only are we excited to honor and celebrate stories of Water, and those who work to sustain it, but get to do so for our first time at Lakefront Brewery! Even more exciting, event partner Reflo Sustainable Water Solutions will unveil Water Story MKE a free app developed by Reflo in collaboration with Ex Fabula to reveal the water stories hidden in plain sight throughout Milwaukee.

Nicole Acosta / Botanica Creative

If you tuned in last week, you know that Ex Fabula is joining the festivities for this month’s Tosa's All-City Read. The idea is “to bring neighbors together and build a sense of camaraderie and community while promoting literacy at all ages.” This month, the community will dive into the pages of A Man Called Ove, a novel about neighbors and so much more.

Ex Fabula: Neighbors

Feb 4, 2017
Nicole Acosta / Botanica Creative

We all remember our neighbors. Whether it was the kids we played with until the sundown, the families who invited us over for barbecues on the weekends, the noisy one upstairs, the kind one who always offered to take out your trash, or the bully down the street, we always remember.

Greater Together

Ex Fabula is very excited to be joining Marquette University’s Mission Week 2017.

Art Montes

This is a weekend that will go down in history. There are heightened emotions across the country, some celebratory and millions of others are taking to the streets to march in solidarity. They will march with women, with immigrants and people of color, with Muslims and the LGBTQ community, for every person at risk of losing their healthcare and so much more.  However you feel about the next four years, becoming an active and informed citizen has never been more important than it is now.

Art Montes

Ex Fabula Fellows will be busy in the coming weeks. So this week we'll feature some favorite stories from last season. Ex Fabula Fellows are community members who use personal stories to inspire community-led dialogue around some of the most pressing issues in the Greater Milwaukee area: segregation, as well as economic and racial inequality.

Kathrine Schleicher

Happy New Year! After a two-week hiatus Ex Fabula is back and we’re busier than ever. We have a full agenda for January 2017 and we plan to bring you more stories, more programs, more volunteer opportunities and more workshops throughout 2017! It’s a New Year and we’re already on a roll. On Tuesday, January 10th we’ll kick off the new year with a "Change of Heart" StorySlam at Sugar Maple in Bay View. It’s the perfect time to fulfill that resolution to “try something new” and tell your story for the first time!

Ex Fabula: Gifts

Dec 17, 2016
Ex Fabula

Here we are, with the last Ex Fabula Radio Show of 2016. This year has been a doozy. Each week, we do our very best to bring you stories that thrill, entertain and move you. It’s the greatest compliment to have someone we meet say “Ex Fabula? I love your radio show.” So as the year draws to an end we thank WUWM for another year of collaboration and we thank our community for the gifts of their stories and support. Happy Holidays.

Risk! is a live show and podcast “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public.” The show’s creator and host is Kevin Allison, a former member of the famous MTV sketch comedy troupe The State.

Since 2008, the podcast has steadily commanded a loyal audience, and now boasts over 2 million downloads per month.

Ex Fabula: Perfect Storm

Dec 10, 2016
Art Montes

Can you believe it? We can’t. The last Ex Fabula StorySlam of 2016 is this Wednesday, December 14th and it has all the makings of a "Perfect Storm". If you’re a Wisconsin native, then you’re used to going to bed, then waking up to several inches of snow and 30-below temperatures - the Perfect Wisconsin Storm. Yet other situations, with no snow in sight, still have all the makings of a Perfect Storm.