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Art Montes

Films—local, national, international. Professional panels, audience discussions, premiere parties and pure talent. The 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival, or MFF, has brought the best of film to our beloved city.

You know about Ex Fabula Storytelling Slams, but did you know that Ex Fabula also offers storytelling workshops for the general public, community nonprofits and local businesses?

Art Montes

SOLD OUT! It was standing room only last week at Garfield’s 502 as we listened to the community "Come Clean" for the first ExFabula StorySlam of Season 7. We’d like to give special thanks to Season 7 sponsor, Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe and to this month’s StorySlam sponsor, Milwaukee Film Festival.

Ex Fabula: Coming Clean

Sep 12, 2015
Kat Schleischer

It’s a new season for Ex Fabula and we have a plethora of new opportunities for community collaboration as we continue to explore the challenges and triumphs of our fellow Milwaukeeans. While many of you attend Ex Fabula StorySlams to be entertained, we believe that storytelling can break down barriers built by race, class, gender and sexuality. It’s our mission “to strengthen community bonds through the art of storytelling.” We celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect individuals through universal experiences.

Art Montes

It’s almost here! Ex Fabula Season 7 is just weeks away. We hope you’ve all enjoyed adventuresome, story-worthy summers because we want to see many new storytellers throughout this lucky seventh season! Our first Slam of the season will take us back to Garfield’s 502 on September 17th for a variety of stories on the theme “Come Clean.” This is your chance to air some dirty laundry or maybe cleanse your conscious. Not quite ready for the audience? Fret not.

Ex Fabula: Farm-Forward

Aug 9, 2015
Ex Fabula

Corn dogs, deep-fried cheese and cream puffs, Oh My! Yep, it’s that time of the year. Time to throw on those elastic waistbands and head on over to the State Fair Park. While we’re surrounded by endless varieties of food on a stick, State Fair is also a time for farmers and 4H-ers alike to bring in their prize animals and showcase why farming remains a staple of this long-standing Wisconsin celebration.

Ex Fabula: Game On!

Aug 1, 2015
Art Montes

Hello August! Can you believe it? Only one month until our first Ex Fabula Story Slam of Season Seven. That’s right, this year we’ve added a seventh StorySlam in September. Lucky Number 7 indeed!

Art Montes

On July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was signed into law. The law was created to establish a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination the basis of disability. On July 27, 2015, Ex Fabula in collaboration with Broadscope Disability Services presents Easy Access StorySlam: A celebration and exploration of the Americans with Disabilities Act through personal stories.

Ex Fabula: Wild Things

Jul 11, 2015

Have you ever run away – from home, from work or from someone? Have you ever felt the need to go wild? Catch Ex Fabula and Milwaukee Public Library at #TheSpot4MKE on 5th and Wisconsin and share your story!

yuratosno, fotolia

Fourth of July is upon us, already. This weekend, friends and families alike pack the cars full of tents, s’mores, bug spray and firecrackers and head to the great outdoors for a weekend of holiday camping.

So this weekend, we’re taking a trip back with two entertaining tales of adventures in camping. Ex Fabula wishes everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day.