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Attorneys for the family of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson, said they had expected Monday's outcome in which a grand jury declined to charge the officer in the fatal shooting.

"We could see what the outcome was going to be, and that is what occurred last night," attorney Benjamin Crump said at a news conference in St. Louis Tuesday.

He said the fact that Wilson was not indicted shows the system is broken.

Susan Bence

Milwaukee often makes the list of most segregated cities in the U.S. with the city being majority minority and suburban areas largely white.

Susan Bence


Two weeks ago a black teenager was shot dead by a white officer in Ferguson, MO. We put a call out to Milwaukeeans to take part in a roundtable discussion about race relations and what we could learn in the aftermath of the shooting.

photo courtesy of Marquette University

As protests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, a black leader in Milwaukee says serious work is needed to mend relations between police and citizens across the country.

Photo by Megan Dobyns

Milwaukee’s police chief wonders whether flaring racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri are due, in part, to a disinvestment in community policing.