gun violence

Pastors from Milwaukee's central city are banding together to form block watches, in hopes of preventing more gun violence.

Clergy members held a news conference outside Tabernacle Community Baptist Church Tuesday night.

Minister Gregory Lewis says each church in the area is going to adopt a block, and encourage neighbors to keep watch and look out for each other.

LaToya Dennis

Tragedy again struck Milwaukee this past weekend as a baby boy was shot and killed.

Investigators report a promising lead in the shooting death of a young boy on Milwaukee’s northwest side. 

Aaron Heffernan

For thousands of kids in Milwaukee, violence is a constant threat.

This past weekend, 14 people were shot in Milwaukee. Mayor Tom Barrett calls the situation insane.

Erin Toner

Milwaukee leaders hoped for peace last week when they called for an end to gun violence. Instead, crime escalated during the city’s so-called “Ceasefire Week.”

Erin Toner

Milwaukee leaders kick off "Ceasefire Week," an effort to get would-be criminals to put down their guns.

Adults and teens lament the prevalence of gun violence in Milwaukee.

While the U.S. hopes it never again suffers a mass shooting like last Friday’s in Connecticut, violence is all too common for some children.

Kids in certain Milwaukee neighborhoods are familiar with the sound of gunfire, and with losing people they love.

WUWM’s Ann-Elise Henzl sat down to talk with several students here, who have lived amid violence.