Marti Mikkelson

Dozens of homeless people in Milwaukee flocked to Marquette University on Thursday. The campus hosted a fair for people needing basic services - from haircuts to vision screenings.

Demetrius Harper hasn’t had a place to call home in four years. The 45-year-old admits his homelessness has been the result of poor choices.

“Bad decision here, bad decision there, I decided to live with a lot of people and not saving any money. It’s hard to save money when you have a lot of habits, alcohol and drug, smoking, everything pretty much,” Harper says.

Bob Bach

Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo calls his second homeless awareness event a success and promises a return next year.

Supervisor "Samples" Homelessness

Oct 30, 2013

Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo spent Tuesday night on a bench at Dineen Park  to call attention to homelessness in Milwaukee.