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Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate continues to be a problem. While the city has brought the numbers down, several more babies have died in just the past few weeks. On Tuesday, community members gathered to discuss how to move forward. 

They encouraged more people to participate in one program in particular, the Strong Baby Sanctuary Initiative.

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Eight years ago, Marquette University’s College of Nursing bought out a private medical practice on Milwaukee’s near north side and turned it into a neighborhood health center that primarily reached underserved women.

The Marquette Neighborhood Health Center offered pre- and post-natal care, along with delivery services provided by nurse midwives. The clinic had been struggling financially for several years, running five days a week with eighty five percent of its patients on Medicaid.

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Fewer babies died last year in Milwaukee than the previous year, but city leaders aren’t yet ready to celebrate. Infant mortality remains troubling, especially among African Americans babies.

84 infants died prior to their first birthday last year across Milwaukee. Black babies died at nearly three times the rate of white babies.

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Milwaukee’s efforts to reduce the rate of infant mortality in the city took a blow yesterday, when the city released new data showing the rate climbed to 10.3 deaths for every thousand births in the city.  That came after consistent decreases in the last decade. 

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Though Milwaukee's infant mortality rate dropped for six years in a row, it still remains at crisis levels, a new report says.

Overall in Milwaukee, more than 10 infants died per 1,000 live births from 2009 through 2011.

But the problem is especially acute for black babies, who die at nearly three times the rate of white babies in Milwaukee.

Co-Sleeping Deaths Persist in Milwaukee

Dec 4, 2013

Police in Milwaukee are investigating yet another possible co-sleeping death, possibly the city's 16th this year.

A 22-year-old woman is facing a charge of first degree reckless homicide, in the death of Michael Johnson III.

African-American babies born in Milwaukee continue dying at substantially higher rates than white and Hispanic infants.