Irish Fest

The Modern Grass Updates Bluegrass Sound

Aug 17, 2013
Eleanor Peterson, Lake Effect

There are lots of unique acts at Irish Fest this year, but if you just happened upon the music of the five piece band, The Modern Grass, you probably wouldn't have thought you were at Irish music festival. 

Eleanor Peterson, Lake Effect

One of the great musical traditions in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton is its Gaelic singing.

Chicago Duo Shares Irish Immigrant Heritage

Aug 17, 2013
Eleanor Peterson, Lake Effect

Irish Fest is winding down here in Milwaukee, but down in Chicago, or “Chi-cargo,” a deep Irish heritage is keeping the music alive.

Mànran website

The six-member Scottish group Mànran is a relatively new folk-rock band. What makes them different is they sing in Gallic, which the language spoken in the Highlands.

Eleanor Peterson, Lake Effect

A group of young Irish musicians are showing that even trad players can get "jig"-gy with it by creating a new genre of music: Celtic funk.

Piper Brings Spanish Flair to Irish Fest

Aug 16, 2013
Javier Salas/Turismo de VigoImagen

Though Irish Fest's showcase this year is music from Nova Scotia, there are other Celtic music traditions that will be represented on stage this year - and some may surprise you.

Creel website

Just in time for Irish Fest, the duo Creel comes to Milwaukee by way of England, Ireland – and Disney World.

Glenn Graham

Every year Irish Fest features the music of a particular region or style.

Milwaukee's Irish "Ma Mary" Cared for Colombia's Poorest

Aug 16, 2013
Marquette University Press

An Irish Milwaukee mother’s faith leads her to the slums of Colombia. Her story is being told in the Irish Fest Cultural Village today.

Three Irish Symbols You Didn't Know Had Spiritual Origins

Aug 15, 2013
Jibi44/Wikimedia Commons

Milwaukee's Irish Fest starts tonight, and after 30 years it's more than just one of the city's most popular ethnic festivals.