Johnson Controls

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This week Johnson Controls announced its plan to merge with Tyco International, a company based in Ireland. Johnson Controls is Wisconsin’s largest, publicly owned company, with thousands of people employed in the state.

The merger means the company will shift its corporate and legal headquarters to Tyco’s base in Cork. Johnson Controls specializes in heating and air-conditioning services, while Tyco specializes in security and fire systems.

Leaders of both companies say the combined venture will retain the Johnson Controls name. While they will base their new corporate headquarters in Cork, Ireland for tax purposes, Milwaukee will house the new firm's North American offices. 

Johnson Controls has been based here for more than 100 years. It is the state's largest publicly-traded company.

S Bence

Today marks the beginning of the UN gathering. World leaders face a daunting task to draft an agreement to combat climate change.

Clay Nesler was about to pack his bag and head to Paris, when I met him at Johnson Controls. He’s the company’s VP of Global Energy and Sustainability.

This won’t be Nesler’s first climate change summit. He attended the U.N.’s 2009 gathering in Copenhagen.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to make a couple of interventions for exactly two minutes on the role of the private sector, market place mechanisms, innovation,” Nesler says.