4:13 pm
Fri October 10, 2014

Marquette-Based Fellowship Allows Professional Reporters To Pursue Public Service Journalism

As journalism major numbers decline, a new academic year-long fellowship through Marquette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel encourages greater involvement in the changing newspaper scene.
Credit Mustafa Khayat / Flickr

As a two-day conference at Marquette University wraps up, some remarkable long-form public service journalism is being featured.

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Arts & Culture
5:34 pm
Fri February 28, 2014

Move Over, Newsman: Media Ethicist Says We're All Journalists Today

Kelly McBride says that we are all journalists in the 21st century.
Credit Manin the Moon, flickr

Do you think of yourself as a journalist? One media ethicist says you should - and you should follow the rules that go along with the title.

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Economy & Business
10:19 am
Mon January 7, 2013

How Journalists Are Harnessing Social Media

Ellyn Angelotti specializes in journalism and social media at the Poynter Institute.

Social media tools continue to grow in popularity. About a billion people are now on Facebook, and half that many have Twitter accounts.

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