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Mike Magione

Mike Mangione is a Milwaukee area musician and also the host and producer of the artist-to-artist interview podcast called Time and the Mystery.  Mangione appears every month on Lake Effect to discuss an interview he’s done with musicians, actors and other people of note.

Recently, he talked to a couple of longtime musical heroes of his - "the king and queen of Americana music," Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams.

Dinislam Galeev

For Aleksandra “Sasha” Kasman, playing classical piano is in her blood. It's been passed down through her mother and her father - Yakov Kasman, who is an accomplished performer and professor of piano. The legend in her family is that when she was two or three she could sing through a Shostakovich concerto from beginning to end because she had heard her father practice it so often.

Martha Glowacki / Chazen Museum of Art

Martha Glowacki is a Wisconsin artist whose work brings together what might seem to be polar opposites: Science and Art. Glowacki explains in her artist's statement that her ideas for creative work come primarily from observing and analyzing the natural world.

Art Montes

We’re closing in on the final stretch, friends. The flowers and trees are blooming, Memorial Day is coming up, and our Ex Fabula ALL STARS Event is just two weeks away! This is when the crème de la crème of storytellers from Season 8 take the stage of the historic Turner Hall Ballroom to share their tales of  “Unfinished Business.” The audience will then vote on to decide who is the ultimate All Star of Ex Fabula's 2016-17 season.   

Courtesy of MIAD

The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design has a long history of connecting art students with industry. MIAD's signature program is the industrial design major, whose students have gone on to work for everyplace from GE Healthcare to Johnson Controls and companies around the world.

Christine Carr is about to graduate with a degree in industrial design, and her senior thesis features two projects that have one key inspiration in common: Carr’s six-year-old daughter, Lilly who has autism and is nonverbal.

Mitch Teich

The passage of a new health care reform package by the House of Representatives came a few days after the end to a tumultuous first 100 days for President Donald Trump. Nevertheless the legislative victory for Republicans made headlines. But that's just one of many headlines circulating through the U.S. / A24 Films

1970s, Boston, shoulder pads, big hair, empty warehouse, and lots and lots of guns. That may very well summarize all you need to know before seeing Free Fire.

It’s the latest by filmmaker Ben Wheatley - a shoot-out action comedy about an arms deals gone wrong.  And really, it’s essentially just a 90-minute shoot-out, according to arts and entertainment editor of the Shepherd Express, and Lake Effect film contributor, Dave Luhrssen.

Mikki Schaffner / Milwaukee Rep

If you ever had an English literature class, it’s very likely you read the Charlotte Bronte classic Jane Eyre.  The mid-19th century novel of class, madness and love is one of the defining works of the canon.  There have been many adaptations on stage and screen, and a very recent one is now on stage at the Milwaukee Rep through May 21.

There is no question that a gender gap exists in the science and engineering fields in this country.  Despite survey data that shows almost three-quarters of girls in middle school have an interest in science, math or engineering, fewer than a third of women graduating from college seek careers in those fields.

Mark Hertzberg

After two years of intensive planning, Racine's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is about to become reality. Planners say its unique.

“We think, from what we can ascertain, that we are the only major city bike pedestrian master plan in the Midwest that been mostly privately funded,” Dottie-Kay Bowersox says. She’s not only an avid cyclist, but is also Racine’s public health administrator.

An existing pathway system that stretches along Lake Michigan’s shore gave planners a starting point.

Kathy Wittman

This weekend, the Florentine Opera closes out its 2016-2017 season with one of the most beloved operas of all-time, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. It’s one of the prime examples of the Bel Canto, or "beautiful singing", style of opera. And like many the operatic comedies of the day, it’s full of farce, quick changes, funny props, and slapstick.

Express Yourself MKE

Express Yourself Milwaukee has been part of Milwaukee's arts education scene since 2003.  The group works with area kids that are out of the mainstream education system. In partnership with Running Rebels, the organization also engages with kids through arts activities, from drumming and dancing to visual arts and  music.

Image courtesy of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

This month marks the end of two related eras. The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus - often called “The Greatest Show on Earth” - closes after its 147-year run. And Thursday, one of the foremost collectors of circus memorabilia, Wisconsin resident Richard Bennett, parts with around 90 percent of his collection at auction.

It has been nearly 72 years since the end of World War II. The youngest veterans of that war are entering their 90s and in the time since, history books, movies. and novels have told the story of the war from many different angles. And yet, there are many stories we haven’t heard.

Cliff / Flickr

For nearly a century, people in Janesville, Wisconsin built automobiles. General Motors first set up shop there in 1919, and quickly became the heart of the town. Over the decades, generations of families born and raised in Rock County would go on work at the plant.

But all that changed in 2008, when General Motors shuttered the plant, then its oldest factory in existence. The resulting ripple effect led as many as 9,000 people in the city and surrounding communities to lose their jobs.