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Seventy-two years ago today, Allied forces stormed the beaches at Normandy. It was one of the largest amphibious invasions in military history – known as D-Day. It was the turning point in the European theater, and led to the end of World War II. Lake Effect essayist Art Cyr says it’s worth taking a few minutes out of our busy lives to remember that day.

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Memorial Day is behind us, but that doesn't mean that the issues that soldiers face upon leaving for and returning from war have disappeared as well.

In the tradition of Memorial Day and of shedding light on issues important to veterans, in 2014, Congress designated June as National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month.

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Major building and construction projects are going on across downtown Milwaukee, from the new Northwestern Mutual tower to the groundwork for the Milwaukee Streetcar. And ,there are even more projects on the horizon like the new Bucks basketball arena and the redesign of Grand Avenue Mall. 

Those construction projects come together quite a bit differently than many of the century-old homes and office buildings around the city, which required a lot of improvisation.

Greg Conniff and The Museum of Wisconsin Art

Madison photographer Greg Conniff was not in the market to prepare, shoot and organize another exhibit. The award-winning artist was shooting images for pleasure and was content to take the occasional commission. 

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Milwaukee-based HR consulting firm ManpowerGroup recently released a study called, “Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision.” The report analyzes what millennial workers want from employers, how they differ from previous generations and the kinds of traits employers should be looking for from these employees.

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The ancient Greek storyteller known as Aesop may or may not have really existed. The stories generally credited to Aesop are from the realm of the fantastic; they’re fables that seek to offer a lesson.

The employees of a Milwaukee manufacturing company recently might have thought they were hearing a fable. But it turned out to be a true story that was – for them – just as fantastic. And it goes by the name of ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

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Whether you've just moved to a new city or have been a life-long resident, sometimes street names can catch your attention.

This week's Bubbler Talk question came from Whitefish Bay resident Ellen Parmelee who asked WUWM: "When I moved to Whitefish Bay two years ago onto Henry Clay Street, I wondered why a street there would be named for Henry Clay?”

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This Friday, Present Music will hold its Season Finale and Party at Turner Hall Ballroom. The group is finishing its 34th season playing new music in Milwaukee, and will feature guest conductor David Bloom, a founding co-artistic director of Contemporaneous in New York.

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A couple of videos went viral in the last few weeks featuring some of America’s oldest citizens.  One was of a 92-year old World War II veteran who threw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game on Memorial Day. 

The other was a 106-year woman who got to visit with the President and First Lady, and used the occasion to dance in the White House.

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One of the purposes of a museum is to provide a place where people can see things they wouldn’t encounter in their daily lives. But how do museums let members of the public know what they have and convince them to take time to come see what’s on view?

Since You Never Asked: 'Take My Keys, Please'

Jun 2, 2016
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Since you never asked…

…go ahead. Reach in my front right pocket.  You’ll find a substantial tangle of metal that’s like a yoke around my neck. Take it. Grab that ring of keys, the ones that turn over the engine of a couple of cars and open doors I often enter and exit. Now throw them off a cliff and watch as they disappear into some great void. You’re doing me a favor, trust me.

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Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is known as the "Queen of Mean,” but if you think that’s all she is, then you’re in for a big surprise.

No one is safe when this insult comic hits the stage, but when the lights go down and she's back to normal life, Lampanelli says it makes her "cringe" when she hears someone use a racial slur.  

"Offstage is a whole different story. You know, I'm very careful with language and things like that just because in my gut, I'm a different person than I am on stage," she says. 

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Milwaukee Magazine publishes its yearly City Guide every summer as a way to help Milwaukeeans reacquaint themselves with the city we call home.  It’s also an in-depth guide to the summer for people who have never experienced Milwaukee in June, July and August.

courtesy Paul Tough

Education writer Paul Tough attracted a lot of attention for his 2012 book, How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. In that book, Tough traveled around the country and visited children from a variety of demographic backgrounds, and in a variety of life circumstances to learn the commonalities that led to success.

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Milwaukee-raised songstress Lili K started performing young - through church and elementary school choirs. The Milwaukee High School of the Arts alum studied classical, opera and jazz vocals and received an education in arts, entertainment and media management at Columbia College Chicago.