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Guillermo del Toro has put his unique stamp on a wide array of movies, from the serious Pan’s Labyrinth to the wildly entertaining Pacific Rim. But he claims that everything he has made so far led him to his latest film – The Shape of Water.

Rachel Morello

Every few weeks, WUWM education reporter Rachel Morello flips through her notebook to give us the scoop on what's happening in local schools. This week, she went through her entire 2017 catalog to bring us student voices talking about some of the biggest themes of the year. 

2017 is coming to an end…but for students, it’s only the halfway mark.

After a short holiday break, kids in southeastern Wisconsin will return to class with a full semester ahead of them.

Photo courtesy of Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Marquette University Libraries

Editor's note: Dick Enberg died Thursday at his home in La Jolla, California, at age 82. Lake Effect spoke with him in January of 2017 while he was in Milwaukee for performances of his one-man play based on the life of Al McGuire.

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In the United States, we talk a lot about the First Amendment and freedom of the press, and it’s part of our system of governance. And for decades, we’ve taken it for granted.

Credit Penina Meisels / Racine Art Museum

The Racine Art Museum wraps up 2017 marking a series of anniversaries. Seventy-five years ago, a Racine woman, Jennie E Wustum, bequeathed her house, some land, and a small trust fund to the city to create an art museum in her husband’s honor. That original building and grounds is still serve as the museum’s Wustum annex.

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Lake Effect's latest Fit For You addressed ways to cope with holiday stressors and how to balance that with our eating habits. However, common holiday stressors such as interpersonal relationships and unrealistic expectations in the midst of an abundance of food and drink is compounded for people who live in the already stressful environment of poverty.

Mike McCabe for Governor, Facebook

Between now and the 2018 fall elections, Lake Effect will feature interviews with candidates for Wisconsin governor and other races.  First up is Mike McCabe.

Name: Mike McCabe

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Running for: Governor

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This time of year can mean the delights of decorations, merriment, family, and feasts. But the holidays also often bring stress. Whether it’s additional expectations we place on ourselves, a busier overall schedule, or the complex relationships between friends or relatives, this time of year can certainly throw a wrench in healthy habits.

However, Lake Effect contributor and Wisconsin Athletic Club nutrition director Kim Flannery says it’s important to remember that we’re all human, and this time of year can affect each of us in different ways.

University of Minnesota Press

It was in 1957 when the New York Board of Appeals ruled that nudity was no longer equal to obscenity in movies.  From those decisions, a genre of film known as “sexploitation” emerged. It became a cottage industry, while other parts of the classic Hollywood film industry world were declining.

Many of these films flew under the radar. Films we might term as “soft core” today spanned many different genres over the year – most commonly the sex melodrama.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Art Museum/Ashmolean Museum

Walking through the current modernism exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum is kind of like walking through an art history text book - except it's a lot more fun.

The exhibit, Degas to Picasso: Creating Modernism in France, features works dating from the early 1800s to around 1950 and includes both famous and lesser-known (but equally important) artists. 

Zoological Society of Milwaukee

Dr. Gay Reinartz has been studying bonobos for two decades. She says the primate and the African forest it lives in are under threat.

The scientist, who works with the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, helped create and leads the Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative.

Today Reinartz is celebrated as an international crusader, but 37 years ago, when she first came to Milwaukee fresh out of Duke University, Reinartz knew nothing about bonobos.

How Fred Foster Built a Theatre Lighting Company From Scratch

Dec 18, 2017

Fred Foster started Electronic Theatre Controls with his brother and two friends in 1975. He was a UW-Madison student with an idea to create a computerized lighting console. It was a brainy group: Two of the team members would go on to be physicists.

Myles Hopper

There are still a few candles yet to be lit for Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. And even when the last menorah candle is out for the season, there will be plenty of Christmas trees and Christmas lights to illuminate the darkness.  Both lighting traditions add up to a bigger picture for writer and Lake Effect essayist Myles Hopper.  He offers his “Five-Step Guide to Surviving December.”

Step I. Complain.

Art Montes

As we approach the second biggest travel time of the year, we thought it’d be fun to share some travel stories. From a terrifying taxi ride in a foreign land to a 12-hour cross-country train ride, our stories this week come complete with planes, trains and automobiles.

Gianofer Fields

Should you find yourself strolling along the Capitol Square in Madison, you may notice something shiny on North Carroll Street. It's not space ships catching your eye, rather, it’s a series of aluminum Christmas Trees lighting up the night. The trees were produced from the 1960's until the late ‘70s by the Aluminum Speciality Company in Manitowoc.