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In his recent young adult book, "Just Fly Away," (and in our interview about it) Andrew McCarthy wrote about that pivotal age, when you just want to know how your life will turn out.  Lake Effect essayist Jim Spangler thinks it’s important to consider history through the eyes of someone who can appreciate the passage of time:

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A decades-old tradition unfolded at West Allis Central High on Monday evening - and at schools and courthouses in every county in the state. The Wisconsin Conservation Congress conducted its annual spring hearings.

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Over the past several months, data has shown rising mortality rates among a surprising population - middle-age, largely rural white people.  But many who study public health say focusing solely on that data ignores the historic disparities in other areas, such as the extraordinarily high maternal mortality rate among African-American women.

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Artists often teach others to paint, sculpt or draw. They might do it because they love it or because they need to supplement their income, or a combination of both. But as anyone who teaches knows - skill, dedication, and a significant time commitment are required to do it well. That often means artists don’t have enough time or energy to devote to creating their own work.

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Each month, cellist Robert Cohen joins us for a segment for an inside look into the life of a professional classical musician.

This month, Cohen had the opportunity to perform in a very special room at the Brera Gallery in Milan, Italy, for the opening of a Lorenzo Lotto exhibition. He was part of a series that linked the mentality of the painters and sculptures to the mentality of the composers of the pieces chosen to accompany the art work.

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Just like that we’ve come to the end of our regular season. That’s right, next Wednesday April 12th will be our last regular StorySlam of Season Seven. But we’re ending it on a high note with a theme we all have a story about: Only in Milwaukee. Not ready to say good-bye to Ex Fabula just yet? Well, we’re not either. Check out what we’re doing with Milwaukee's Big Read and join us for a special bilingual StorySlam in May as well as our Ex Fabula All Stars event, “Unfinished Business.” 

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Joe Hanreddy is a familiar name to theatre audiences in Milwaukee. He was the artistic director at the Milwaukee Rep from 1993 to 2010. During this tenure the company created and staged more than 50 new American plays in addition to classics from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams.


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Have you been tinkering away on an invention you hope will be the next big thing? Or, perhaps you've already built a better mousetrap but don’t know how to get it to market. Well, if you are connected with UW-Madison, you might want to talk with John Biondi.

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One of the signature lines of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth is “Is this a dagger I see before me?” In traditional productions of the play, only the actor playing Macbeth can envision that dagger. But thanks to advanced digital technology the audience for Umbrella Group Theatre’s new production can say, “Why yes, that is a dagger you see before you.”

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It has been about a year since Alderman Ashanti Hamilton was elected to the presidency of the Milwaukee Common Council. The election took some by surprise, but others had already noted Hamilton’s rising political star.

Hamilton's rise to the head of the Common Council was the result of a South Side and North Side alliance, which seemed unlikely to some observers. His first year in office has not been without controversy. 

Every month, Milwaukee singer-songwriter John Sieger comes to the Lake Effect performance studio to play a song with friends and fellow musicians. 

In this The Monthly Beatdown with John Sieger, the singer-songwriter plays a tune with two members the group Semi-Twang, Mike Sieger on bass and Mike Hoffmann on Nashville, high strung guitar ahead of the group's performance at Anodyne Coffee in Walker's Point tonight.

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The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only public foot path in the world. It runs 2,190 miles from Georgia all the way to the summit of Mount Katahdin in Maine. It takes months to complete and a good amount of preparation for novice and experienced hikers alike.

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The world of classical ballet is one of tradition.  Choreography for ballets like Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake has been passed down through generations of dancers and choreographers.  And while some ballets represent 21st Century interpretations of traditional works, others seek to present a performance that is as close an experience to the original as possible. 

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The complex political times continue in Washington this week with the shadow of a Democratic filibuster looming over Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. There’s also news of revived talks of repealing the Affordable Care Act, and more reported disclosures of connections between Russian officials and members of the Trump transition team.

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An exhibit of fabric tapestries currently on display at Jewish Museum Milwaukee amounts to a rare public opportunity to see art therapy in action.