Life's Voices

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11:53 am
Thu December 26, 2013

Milwaukeean Dedicates Life to Peacemaking

Don Timmerman in his small office at Milwaukee's Casa Maria.

Don Timmerman's mission as a peacemaker dates back to the 1960s.

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Arts & Culture
1:00 am
Tue December 24, 2013

Milwaukee Student Sings Her Way to National Award

Shampriel Morrise, a student at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, received the YoungArts Merit Award from the National YoungArts Foundation for her singing talent.

As part of our end-of-the-year series, "Life’s Voices," we bring you a profile of Shampriel Morrise. She's a junior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

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1:00 am
Fri November 29, 2013

Life's Voices: Joe Volk Helps Scores of Homeless

Joe Volk helps people with basic needs at Community Advocates in Milwaukee.
Credit Marti Mikkelson

We begin our annual holiday series Life’s Voices, stories of people striving to make Milwaukee a better place to live.

Our first profile is of Joe Volk. He’s devoted most of his life to helping people without a home.

About ten people are standing in line at the front desk of Community Advocates in downtown Milwaukee. Another dozen are sitting in the waiting area.

During the course of a year, the agency serves about 75,000 families, according to Volk. His office is on the third floor.

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Life's Voices
3:30 pm
Wed December 26, 2012

Lester Carter Offers Rx For Community Health on City's North Side

Lester Carter has owned his drug store at 24th and Burleigh since 1967.

Customers stream in and out of Carter’s Drug Store on 24th and Burleigh in Milwaukee.

The store is more than just a place to get a prescription filled, according to owner Lester Carter. He supplies everyone with healthy doses of respect and re-assurance. Those have been the ingredients of his figurative elixir, since he bought the business in 1967 after arriving here from Omaha, Nebraska.

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5:35 pm
Fri December 30, 2011

Wielding Words to Conserve Wilderness

Michael Frome in his Port Washington office

We conclude our year-end tradition, Life’s Voices. WUWM shares the stories and perspectives of people making a difference, often without public fanfare. Today, our installment takes a green turn, as we meet a man dedicating his life to preserving open and wild spaces.

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Life's Voices
3:35 pm
Fri December 10, 2010

Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson inside a home for veterans on Milwaukee's northwest side.

Our “Life’s Voices” series continues on WUWM.

Each year-end holiday season, we chat with ordinary people whose extraordinary actions make them unique in the community. Today, we meet a Vietnam veteran who recently retired from a “blue collar” career that included stints as a crane operator and warehouse worker. His “work- a- day” world now centers on volunteerism and a different kind of heavy lifting. We spoke with him at a northwest side Milwaukee home that his group leases for homeless vets making the transition back to society.

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12:20 pm
Mon December 22, 2008

Life's Voices : Gloria Wright

Gloria Wright and her husband Bruce

Throughout the year, we meet people who are making the community a better place and inspiring others. This time of year, we invite them to share their stories and what they've learned about life. We visit with 74-year-old Gloria Wright, one of those "behind the scenes" people who's had her hand in a lot of causes in Milwaukee.

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Arts & Culture
1:07 pm
Mon December 31, 2007

Life's Voices: Sylvia Bernstein

We meet Sylvia Bernstein. She was born here 83 years ago. Her parents had fled a small Ukranian village and started their American life in central Wisconsin, before settling in Milwaukee.

WUWM’s Susan Bence talked with Bernstein in her home, where she talked about her newspaper career. Bernstein says it took a lot of guts; that’s because she didn’t have a journalism degree.

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