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Most of the world’s rice production occurs oceans away from the United States. In 2011, molecular biologist Michael Schläppi dove into rice research hoping to grow the grain in Wisconsin.

According Schläppi, 80 percent of the rice Americans consume is grown in a handful of states, especially Arkansas and California. “But I think it would be wise to think about, with climate change or the drought in California, maybe they won’t be able to grow rice anymore,” he says.

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It’s not often that the wheels of military justice turn outside of military courts. And it’s even less often that the public can watch the proceedings. But thanks to the judicial outreach program of the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, their courtroom is open to any interested party tomorrow in Milwaukee.

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There was good news and bad news in the global fight against Ebola yesterday. 

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If you follow the news closely in Milwaukee, you’ll often hear expert analysis from people such as political scientist and pollster Charles Franklin, and education policy expert Alan Borsuk. What they have in common is that they’re both employed at the city’s only law school.

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Tensions continue to run high in Israel, following the murders of several rabbis by Palestinian militants in a Jerusalem synagogue last month, and recent efforts by the conservative government to formally declare Israel as a Jewish state.

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When Lake Effect first spoke with Father George Coyne eight years ago, one of the areas we covered was his life’s devotion to both faith – and science.

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While authorities investigate the use of so-called 'date rape' drugs at a UWM frat, the university is just one in town that talks to new students about inappropriate behavior.

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Several hundred people packed into Gesu Church at Marquette University Tuesday evening, for a memorial service in honor of slain journalist James Foley.

Hundreds gathered at Marquette University Tuesday night to remember slain journalist James Foley. 

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Marquette University's Kyle Whelton is not only delighted to start his senior year; he helped spearhead  two new initiatives designed to reduce waste on campus.