The Milwaukee County Transit System says a number of buses are running late Monday afternoon because of traffic and weather conditions.

Some state lawmakers are pledging that action will still be taken this session to reform Milwaukee County's embattled mental health system.  


If you’ve seen a Milwaukee County bus lately, you may have noticed a new digital message on the front. It alternates with the one telling you where the bus is headed.

Marti Mikkelson

Protesters will gather outside Southridge Mall Thursday. They’re upset with its plan to move all bus stops off the premises – starting in November.

Michelle Maternowski

The panels will power ads on the sides of 50 bus shelters. Clear Channel Communications maintains them for the Milwaukee County Transit System.

MCTS Adds More New Buses to Fleet

Jun 12, 2013

The first of 55 new buses that are part of an upgraded Milwaukee County Transit system fleet have been put in service. The vehicles feature new styled diesel engines that emit 80 percent less particulate matter and 95 percent less oxides of nitrogen.  The MCTS began modernizing its fleet with new bus purchases in 2010. By later this year, there will be 235 new vehicles in the fleet that totals 420 buses. Other features of the new buses include: