Menomonee Valley Partners

6:00 am
Fri November 28, 2014

Life's Voices: Melissa Cook

Melissa Cook at east end of Three Bridges Park.
Credit S Bence

Melissa Cook manages the Hank Aaron State Trail. The project has been many years in the making.

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5:30 am
Mon January 27, 2014

Artist's Yearlong Subject: Milwaukee's Evolving Menomonee Valley

Grain elevator in the valley
E Daniel

Inside a former gasification plant in the Menomonee Valley, people will have a year to view Eddee Daniel’s evolving images of the valley – where years of neglect and today’s rebirth intertwine.

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10:45 am
Fri July 19, 2013

Three Bridges Create Park and Sparks of Community

Plants are just beginning to take root as Three Bridges Park opens.

After a decade of collecting buckets of public and private funding, a 24-acre park comes to life in the Menomonee Valley.

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