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Actress Jenny Wanasek has been working in Milwaukee theaters for many years. She trained at UWM during the days of the professional acting program, and has graced the stages of most of the professional theaters in town. Wanasek has played roles that run the gamut from Emily Dickinson in The Belle of Amherst to Aunt Sponge in James and the Giant Peach.

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The friendship of two of America’s leading 20th Century poets are at the center of the latest production at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. The playwright Sara Ruhl based Dear Elizabeth on three decades of letters between Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop.

The play opens Wednesday and runs through mid-October. It’s directed by Marie Kohler, and stars Carrie Hitchcock as Elizabeth Bishop and Norman Moses as Robert Lowell.  

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Maria Callas may have died in 1977, but she remains a compelling figure in opera and the wider world even today.  Callas was known for her musical and acting skills that span styles, and her complete dedication to her art.

"You feel so much when she sings a simple phase," says Patrick Byrne. "She infuses each word of the text with passion or appropriate emotion."

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

37 years after her death, soprano Maria Callas returns to the stage.

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In October of 1960, an explosion ripped through the Tennessee Eastman Company factory in Kingsport, Tennessee. Out of 12,000 men at the factory, 16 people were killed and more than 300 were injured. It threw Kingsport’s largest employer into disarray at the time.

Bill Finn

Would you spend $200,000 on a painting of a white background with white stripes?  How would your closest friends react if you did?