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The largest exhibition on the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States is currently on view at the Milwaukee Public Museum. This pre-Columbian civilization flourished in what is now Central America, and had advanced mathematics, a complex written language, and sophisticated art and architecture.

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Most talk about weapons today involves firearms.  But one Milwaukee museum curator wanted to examine how our weaponry even evolved to firearms. Through exploring humans and their behavior, Milwaukee Public Museum Anthropology Collections Curator Dawn Scher Thomae sees the weapon as a tool that has evolved over thousands of years to solve a problem.

Paul Sereno is proof that the dinosaurs don’t need to be alive for the adventure to be real.

Sereno is a paleontologist, National Geographic explorer-in-residence, and professor at the University of Chicago.  He’s also discovered several new species of dinosaur in places like Mongolia, Morocco, and Niger.

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If you visited the Milwaukee Public Museum over winter break, you may have gone through the newly updated Streets of Old Milwaukee. Many museums, both local and national, have been updating their buildings and their collections and how they present them  to better connect with audiences - and prospective donors - in the 21st Century.

But how does a museum change to become up-to-date while not ruining the wonder and connection it has established in a community?

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It came as a big shock to many over the summer when the Milwaukee Public Museum announced it was closing and renovating the museum’s beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit. But the truth was the streets were indeed old. The new and improved exhibit still highlights local business, but new themes with new characters will give visitors a new perspective of Milwaukee.

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A notorious day in Milwaukee history is being recreated on Twitter today.

In 1892, a fire tore through the Third Ward, primarily populated by the Irish at the time. The fire began in the late afternoon and was thought to be out until the wind picked up again and created a blaze that destroyed several buildings and many homes.

Some patrons will now be able to use their hands to experience exhibits at the Milwaukee Public Museum, via braille and 'touch bags.' Inside the bags are 3-D objects or replicas of things that are on exhibit.

Spokesperson Dawn Koceja says people will be able to check out the bags at the ticket window.

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In 1996, USGS scientists embarked on a 24 hour inventory of a park in Washington D.C. Their aim was to identify every plant and animal species on the grounds, and the term BioBlitz was coined.

Ellen Censky, now Senior Vice President and Academic Dean of the Milwaukee Public Museum, participated in her first BioBlitz in 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA. When a job took her to the Univeristy of Connecticut she initiated a BioBlitz there. It received national attention.

Censky decided to write a handbook at the time “because I was getting calls from all over the country.”

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At some point during our school years, we learn something about ancient civilizations – think Babylonia, ancient Greece and Egypt or Sumaria – and how our modern western culture draws heavily from them.

But if you’ve forgotten who invented zero or where our contemporary idea of democratic government first appeared, have no fear. The Milwaukee Public Museum has the exhibit for you.

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A new era has begun at the Milwaukee Public Museum, with Whitefish Bay native Dennis Kois as the institution's new President and CEO.

Milwaukee Public Museum to Add 234 Solar Panels

Jul 29, 2013
Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum should begin generating electricity, by year's end. The museum is replacing its decaying marble facade with solar panels.