Milwaukee streetcar

Milwaukee Streetcar

UPDATE: Milwaukee Common Council votes to delay final vote on streetcar proposal until February 10, to allow a petition drive to continue.

The Milwaukee Common Council is scheduled to vote on the fate of the proposed downtown streetcar project next week.

Milwaukee Streetcar

The council put off a decision on a downtown streetcar line, at least until the next meeting, to take more time to vet the refined plan. 

The Milwaukee Streetcar

Emotions could run high this week and next as the Milwaukee Common Council considers a streetcar for downtown.

The Milwaukee Streetcar

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan wants voters to decide whether the city can borrow money for the streetcar project.

Ald. Robert Donovan wants state leaders to prohibit Milwaukee from using Tax Incremental Financing districts to pay for a streetcar line.

Milwaukee Streetcar

A Milwaukee alderman says what’s fair for the city is fair for other communities. He’s talking about the proposed streetcar for downtown.

The City of Milwaukee cannot force utilities to cover the cost of relocating power lines, to accommodate a downtown streetcar.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission ruled Wednesday that WE Energies does not have to cover the cost of relocating downtown power lines.

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The City of Milwaukee felt several body blows last week, when the Legislature’s Joint Finance committee passed budget provisions directly affecting the city.


Milwaukee’s proposed streetcar project has hit a bump in the road. The Legislature’s Joint Finance committee Thursday approved a provision in the Public Service Commission’s budget, that would shift any related costs for the streetcar from utility ratepayers to the city.