MPS buildings

Milwaukee’s brand new school superintendent has inherited an old problem. What should MPS do, with its shuttered school buildings?

Jeramey Jannene, Flickr

MPS is deciding whether to sell the unused Lee Elementary School building to St. Marcus Lutheran voucher school.

Marge Pitrof

The Milwaukee Public Schools district is deciding what to do with another vacant building. MPS no longer uses Dover School in Bay View.


People had plenty to say Wednesday about a bill requiring Milwaukee Public Schools to sell vacant buildings to other educators.

The Milwaukee School Board has voted to sell a former middle school on the city's north side to a developer, not to an interested private school.

Michelle Maternowski

The state may pressure Milwaukee Public Schools to sell vacant buildings to other educational entities.

Plan from GOP Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Joe Sanfelippo would make Milwaukee Public Schools sell vacant buildings to other 'education operators.'

Sherman Park Senior Living

Sherman Park Senior Living Community celebrated its grand opening this week.