Bonnie North, WUWM

Our guests come from Cornwall, the very southwestern most tip of England, that has its own song, poetry and story traditions. It’s a tradition that’s alive a well in Wisconsin. Many Cornish people came here to settle in the late 19th century.

Karen Cleaves /

Singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves grew up in Maine and now lives in Austin, Texas.  No matter his current surroundings, he convincingly sings about the plight of the working man just about everywhere.

Twenty years into his career, Cleaves seamlessly delivers snapshots of stories or characters that inspire his songs. "I'm always on the lookout for underdogs who need their story told," says Cleaves.

Bonnie North, WUWM


Singer/songwriter Zachary Scot Johnson has been touring non-stop since 2006. 


If you're older than, say, 35, you probably have heard of the 78 RPM record, even if you haven't actually heard one. 

Bonnie North, WUWM

The last time the award winning Canadian rock band The Trews were in Milwaukee it was January and there was a blizzard. 

Myles Coyne is 'Taking Things as They Come'

Jul 24, 2014
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

Musician Myles Coyne was obsessed with comic books when he was growing up in Escanaba, Michigan, feasting on the creativity of the images. Music came a little later, when Coyne and his family moved to Green Bay while in he was high school. He became friends with fellow students who were in a band and never looked back.

Marcus Center


Milwaukee’s Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is the home venue for many local performing arts organizations, from Milwaukee Symphony to the ballet and the Florentine Opera. 

But it also hosts performances by any number of national touring companies.  Each year, the center unveils its Broadway at the Marcus Center series schedule, featuring performances of big Broadway musicals that people might not see, unless they traveled to New York or London.

Of being a musician, Frankie Lee says, “You shouldn’t want to do this…It’s just an insane way to make a living. It’s not even a choice.” 

Well, whatever compelled the Minnesotan, after 15 years of songwriting, to finally put out his first EP, we’re glad. Middle West is the title, and with only five finely-crafted songs, you could say it’s a bit of a masterpiece…and frankly, you’d be right.  

Rachel Owens

The New Red Moons are back. Well, they didn’t really go anywhere  – they’ve just been working on their new album, Mesmérisme. But it’s been well-worth the wait.

With an original sound that blends rich melodies, tight harmonies, and punchy instrumentals, The New Red Moons do Milwaukee proud. They take inspiration from many genres, including 60s rock, old-timey folk and modern lo-fi, but they always follow their instincts to stay true to their own sound.


Rusted Root frontman Michael Glabicki says of their current album project, "It's not necessarily going to represent the last 25 years, but it's going to be the start of the next 25 years. "  With eight studio albums and over three million records sold worldwide, Rusted Root has plenty of history to celebrate, but prefers to look towards the future.