Lucy The Opera

Thanks to Radiolab's story on the life of Lucy the chimpanzee, Lucy: The Opera now exists. 


The travel involved in being a touring musician might sound glamorous and exotic, but the reality is far more mundane. 

Milwaukee Children's Choir /

Milwaukee hosts a great number of musical organizations for all to get involved.


The Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra has been making music since 1900. It is the oldest fretted instrument organization in the country.

Florentine Opera

As the Florentine Opera Company gets ready for their opening production of the season, the conductor and some of the cast members stop by Lake Effect to chat. 

Eleanor Peterson, WUWM


Singer-songwriter Sarah Vos came across a quotation recently that read:

“Modern-day society is the most well-fed and comfortable slaves of history.”

The quotation stayed with her. The quotation, along with her love for John Steinbeck’s works, subconsciously helped compose her band’s new album.

Florentine Opera Company

Vladimir Kulenovic is the first recipient of a new conducting residency at the Florentine Opera.

Mitch Teich

Johnny Solomon had a promising career as a singer and songwriter, and then a promising career in food. But both were derailed by mental illness and substance abuse.

Angela Morriss /

Johannes Brahms wrote his German Requiem as a memorial to his parents.  The mid-19th Century piece is thought by many scholars to be the composer’s most personal work, and listeners frequently connect to its universal themes of loss, as well.

David Paige spoke with WUWM@Nite before his performance at BBC's Upper Level in Milwaukee Friday, Oct. 10.

English renaissance composer, singer and virtuoso lutenist John Dowland is famous today for his refined love songs and his fiendishly difficult solo lute pieces. 

Wolfgang Gauch

Today, we launch a new series on Lake Effect, called “On That Note.”

Renegade Lightning Rebellion: Struck by Swiss Statues

Oct 2, 2014
Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

When Brian Stark took a trip to Europe, he stumbled upon the town of Bern, Switzerland. Within the city square are four statues that inspired Stark.

The Secret Sisters

When The Secret Sisters joined us for an interview in the Lake Effect studio three years ago, they promised to come back some day and play for us.

Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

When you take a step back and look at life, you will see how we are just bumbling around on Earth while trying to get from Point A to Point B.

The musical group, Dupond Dupont, named themselves after the bumbling detectives on Rin Tin Tin. They saw how life is an interesting story, filled with little vignettes, and that those vignettes needed to be told through song.