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Mitch Teich

Political analyst Charlie Sykes joins Lake Effect in studio to discuss the ramifications of the Trump administration's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the rocky road ahead for President Trump, and more locally, the resignation of former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Trump administration announces end to the DACA program. 

Office of the President of the United States / Wikimedia

It’s hard to overstate how irregular the news cycle is at the moment. With new allegations about the Trump Administration’s Russian ties coming out seemingly on the hour - it can be difficult to make sense of what’s really going on, even for journalists.

Mitch Teich

At the end of another intense news week, Lake Effect news analyst Charlie Sykes marvels at a fast pace cycle, which doesn't seem to slow down.

"We're living in an era," he says, "in which every day, there's a story - a revelation - that in a different world would have dominated the news for weeks in and of itself.  And yet, these are one news-cycle stories."

On Friday's Lake Effect, Sykes offered his take on several key issues that dominated the news (for a while, anyway) this week: