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In 1992, four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted of using excessive force against African American taxi driver Rodney King. The officers had been filmed beating an unarmed King at the end of a high speed chase and the city erupted at the news of their exoneration.

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Although it has been 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the fear those attacks engendered in us as a nation has lingered.

It shows up in the way we travel by air, the ways we barricade our public offices and the ways we give up more personal freedoms in search of more security.

The ferocious talent of Wisconsin actress Marti Gobel will once again be on view in town.

Stephen Sondheim is among – if not the most – celebrated American composer of musical theater.  

Uprooted Theatre Company

Cabaret often conjures up images of a late night, smoky club in New York City where a world weary chanteuse leans on the piano singing of lost love.

But while Milwaukee-based singer and actress Kelley Faulkner might sing of lost love in her upcoming one woman show, It’s A Man’s World, it’ll all be rocked up with a full band and include a lot of other kinds of music, including the James Brown tune of the same name.

Timothy Moder

Of all the “isms” that are out there, racism is one of the most enduring, and in this supposedly post-racial age, the most pernicious.

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It turns out that the debate between governmental surveillance and individual privacy isn't just dominating our political system and news coverage lately; now it's making its way into theater.