The Peck School of the Arts

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Last week was a big one for  the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The school was designated a top research institution, and the UWM physics team was among the researchers credited with proving the existence of gravitational waves. And the Peck School of the Arts played host to political theater -the sixth Democratic debate, which was broadcast nationally from the Helen Bader Concert Hall at the Zelazo Center for the Arts.

Peck School of the Arts

In the history of modern dance in America, Trisha Brown holds a special place. 


The Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra has been making music since 1900. It is the oldest fretted instrument organization in the country.

Eleanor Peterson, WUWM

Guitars have been around in one form or another for millennia, and there are as many styles as there are countries way they are played makes them unique. Spanish guitar music crossed the Atlantic ocean with the Conquistadors, and that influence can be heard in the guitar music throughout Latin America, including Puerto Rico.

Troye Fox

Choreographer Steven Koplowitz takes over two iconic Milwaukee locations to explore water through dance.