Port of Milwaukee

Port of Milwaukee Bustles, Even in the Cold

Dec 30, 2013

Robust snowfalls and frigid temps may slow our gait but they’re not crimping operations at the Port of Milwaukee. Commodities continue arriving.

Spokesman Jeff Fleming says shipments of salt, steel and other items increased in 2013. "It means that there is more demand and more economic activity by the industries in Milwaukee."

He says three million metric tons of cargo has moved through the port.

Fleming says a unique visitor will arrive in Milwaukee’s inner harbor in mid-January, to winter here - a 1,000 foot long ore carrier.

The Port of Milwaukee bid farewell this month, to its final international visitor of the season.

The ship “Federal EMS” deposited a load of steel and then hurried off to other Great Lakes ports – needing to pass through the St. Lawrence Seaway before it closes for winter.

Before the ocean-going vessel departed, I visited Captain, Andrzej Lasota to learn about life at sea.

Milwaukee's Port at Heart of Commerce, City's Soul

Jan 14, 2011
The History Press

Please note: This interview originally aired Jan. 14, 2011.

While the Port of Milwaukee is not in the heart of the city, it may just be the heart of its commerce.