prescription painkillers

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Patient pain is one of the trickiest things for medical professionals to manage, especially with the perception of pain varying so greatly from person to person. However controlling pain, especially long-term pain, is crucial for healing and quality of life.

Opioids, like morphine and its derivatives, are extremely effective pain suppressants. But they are also highly addictive as they lose their effectiveness over time.

Essay: We Must Address Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Oct 30, 2013
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Lake Effect essayist Nilesh Patel looks at the death of a well-known hockey player two years ago as evidence that change is needed inside and outside of sports:

I wish I had known about Derek Boogaard before he died.

The 28-year old Canadian was a fan favorite in the National Hockey League when he lost his battle to addictive prescription painkillers two years ago.

Residents can drop off unused and unwanted prescription drugs at a number of locations around the community this weekend.  

The Drug Enforcement Administration is holding its seventh annual event to collect leftover medicines.