Public Policy Forum

2:58 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

What Parents Want in Afterschool Programs

A new report details what parents look for in afterschool programs for their kids.
Credit Fort Rucker/Flicker

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich interviews Anneliese Dickman of the Public Policy Forum on afterschool programs.

A new report says convenience trumps quality for parents when it comes to picking an afterschool program.

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Politics & Government
9:12 am
Sat May 18, 2013

Brooks and Dionne (Civilly) Take on Wisconsin's Place on the National Political Stage

Columnists David Brooks (left) and EJ Dionne, Jr.
Credit images courtesy of the authors

David Brooks and EJ Dionne chat with Mitch Teich onstage at the Public Policy Forum gala.

David Brooks and EJ Dionne disagree with each other – for a living. 

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