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Earlier this summer, Milwaukee launched a new effort called Housing First to address the problem of chronic homelessness in the city. At last count, an estimated 200 people in Milwaukee went without housing for a full year, or were homeless multiple times over three years. 

The Nine

Secret bible studies, anorexia, alcoholism and a dress code that excludes women from wearing pants. These are some of the things three women experienced during their time in Hutterite colonies in Canada.

Junia Waldner, Glenda Maendel, and Darlene Waldner are part of The Nine, a group of people who left the religious sect to freely pursue their Christian faith and join the modern world. 

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It does not take long to think of examples of violent acts in the name of religion.

The Nine

Nine former members of a religious sect have decided to put down roots in Wisconsin.  The tradition they left may not be well-known here, but their experience speaks to a more basic human issue – freedom to choose one’s own destiny.

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When Lake Effect first spoke with Father George Coyne eight years ago, one of the areas we covered was his life’s devotion to both faith – and science.

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Essayist and poet Richard Hedderman may live in Wauwatosa, but every year he travels to a spiritual retreat at a Trappist Monastery. He reads his piece, "The Longitudes of Silence":

Finding the Connection Between Art, Faith

Oct 8, 2013
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From paintings to music and beyond, faith has inspired artists for as long as art and religion have been around.


The days of the Catholic Mass in Latin are pretty much over.

Three Irish Symbols You Didn't Know Had Spiritual Origins

Aug 15, 2013
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Milwaukee's Irish Fest starts tonight, and after 30 years it's more than just one of the city's most popular ethnic festivals.

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The Milwaukee archdiocese released hundreds of documents related to the clergy sex abuse cases - did they really contain bombshells?