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1:00 am
Fri February 14, 2014

Legislators Hope to Repeal Wisconsin's Ban on Same Sex Marriage

Democrats in the Legislature are proposing a repeal of Wisconsin's same sex marriage ban.
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A few years ago, Wisconsin voters banned same sex marriage. Now an effort to undo that decision is taking shape.

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7:40 am
Thu June 27, 2013

Questions in Wisconsin After Supreme Court Strikes DOMA

Chase Hardin hugs Kai Neander outside Supreme Court building after rulings
Credit Win McNamee/Getty Images

When it comes to Supreme Court rulings, this has been a historic week. One day after the country’s highest court struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act, it leveled the Defense of Marriage Act.

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5:16 pm
Fri June 14, 2013

Justices Agree to Hear Domestic Partner Case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the state's domestic partner registry.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has decided to hear a challenge to the state's domestic partner registry.  The registry grants same-sex couples a host of legal rights. 

Members of the conservative group Wisconsin Family Action, filed a lawsuit in 2010 alleging the registry violates the state constitution.  It was amended in 2006 prohibiting gay marriage or civil unions.

An appeals court upheld the registry in December, listing a number of rights married couples enjoy that same-sex couples don't, even if they join the registry.

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