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There’s lots of buzz surrounding same-sex marriage in Wisconsin. Organizers of an LGBT wedding expo in Wauwatosa hope it carries over to their event.

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Hundreds of same-sex couples who rushed to wed during a short window in June, will not have to reapply for a marriage license.

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The Supreme Court yesterday declined to take up an appeal of a ruling overturning Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban, and that of four other states.

Milwaukee County has begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


Voters here banned same-sex marriage in 2006. This year, federal courts overturned the ban.

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U.S. Appeals Court in Chicago ruled unanimously Thursday that the same-sex marriage bans in both Wisconsin and Indiana are unconstitutional.

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A three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals listened to each side make its case Tuesday and sometimes responded with questions.

Lawyers will argue the constitutionality of Wisconsin's same sex marriage ban next month.  The 7th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals Friday rescheduled arguments to hear both Wisconsin's and Indiana's appeals for Aug. 26. 

Federal judges overturned each state's gay marriage ban in separate rulings.  When both states appealed, the 7th Circuit combined the cases.

The court also denied requests that the states' appeals be heard before the full 10-member court instead of a three-judge pael, as is customary.

Democrats, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Reps. Gwen Moore, Mark Pocan and Ron Kind, want the Justice Dept. to recognize the marriages for federal purposes.


On Friday, June 6, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage. Late last Friday, she put her ruling on hold.