Senior housing

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Baby Boomers have been called the sandwich generation, often caring for their children and aging parents at the same time. Many people struggle to find the right way to talk with their aging parents about some tough family choices.

Many seniors resist a change in housing, even when they know they need to move. "It’s fear of going from a known to an unknown. You know the stores, you know the doctors, you know your neighbors. And then there’s the fear of the uncertainty of where you’re going. So what’s really behind it is not knowing what’s ahead,"Bruce Nemovitz says.

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Downsizing – no matter what the circumstances – is never an easy thing.

That’s especially true when it comes to helping loved ones who may be moving from their longtime family home into senior living or other arrangements. It’s something we have all either done, will do, or are doing right now – for our families or ourselves. 

Helping with that transition is the business of Wauwatosa native Anne Neafie. Golden Transitions specializes in estate sales – both to help downsize or to liquidate an estate.

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Perhaps the most reassuring thing for some older adults and caregivers to hear is, "You are not alone."

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Some older adults make the transition to a new home relatively easily, while others lean heavily on adult children.

Bob Bach

Senior citizens have lots of options these days when it comes to where to live. The list might even overwhelm some.