State Budget

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Gov. Walker said Thursday that he's willing to add more money in the next state budget for the UW System, public schools and transportation, according to the Associated Press.

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UPDATE: Gov. Walker's office now says he will not change the mission of the UW System.

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Nearly 200 people gathered Tuesday night at a bar in downtown Milwaukee to support Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to borrow money to help pay for a new Bucks arena.

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Wisconsin has been anticipating a substantial deficit over the next two years, but Governor Walker says his budget for 2015-2017 is balanced and will lower property taxes.

When Gov. Walker unveils his proposed 2015-2017 budget for Wisconsin Tuesday evening, he says it will contain plans to lower property taxes each year.

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Before Lake Effect essayist Avi Lank was a journalist, he earned an economics degree. As such, he has taken a hard look at Governor Walker's proposal to make cuts to the UW system.

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Gov. Walker delivers his new, two-year spending plan to the Legislature Tuesday, and some analysts say the document will reflect Walker's attempts to appeal to multiple constituencies.

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Gov. Scott Walker is again taking aim at public education.

University of Wisconsin System

Chancellor Mark Mone says UWM has absorbed 12 years' worth of cuts and is operating as one of the leanest research universities in the country.

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UW System President Ray Cross is ordering cost-saving moves, in light of Gov. Walker's plan to cut funding for the system by 13%, while freezing tuition.