State Budget

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Governor Scott Walker signed the biennial state budget into law this past Sunday, using his substantial line item veto power to eliminate 58 items from the document.

The Common Council has voted to continue requiring city workers to live in Milwaukee.

Waukesha's Vrakas Praises New State Budget

Jul 1, 2013

Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas says there are several items in the new two-year state budget that will help Waukesha County, such as increased transit aid.

He adds that he's confident local officials will craft effective strategies to handle things the new spending plan will make more challenging

Milwaukee’s mayor says it’s almost as if the state budget goes out of its way to harm the city.

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Gov. Scott Walker has signed a new two-year, $68 billion budget. It includes a $650 million income tax cut, expands private school vouchers, rejects a federal expansion of Medicaid and bans existing residency rules.

Gov. Walker could wipe out Milwaukee’s long-standing residency requirement this weekend.

Wisconsin Att. Gen. J.B. Van Hollen is not pleased with several provisions fellow Republicans tucked inside the proposed 2013-15 state budget.


After hours of debate, following weeks of debate, the Wisconsin State Senate yesterday passed a proposed biennial budget for the state. 

Wisconsin's State Capitol

Gov. Walker is expressing satisfaction with the budget the Legislature has approved. Lawmakers made several changes to the governor's initial plan.

The state Senate has sent Governor Walker a $68 billion spending plan for Wisconsin for 2013-15.