Storytelling is having a moment in the sun. From national programs like The Moth to local ones like Ex Fabula, telling our stories out loud in front of an audience seems to something we want to engage in and listen to. PostSecret:The Show is a bit different.

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Winston Churchill once declared: History is written by the victors. And for much of our history, those victors have been men.

As a college student, Julia Nusbaum was struck by how writings and recollections from men accounted for most of the historical narratives that dominated her classes. She wanted to change that. So she created Her Story, a blog which invites women to tell their personal stories through their own unique perspectives.

Risk! is a live show and podcast “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public.” The show’s creator and host is Kevin Allison, a former member of the famous MTV sketch comedy troupe The State.

Since 2008, the podcast has steadily commanded a loyal audience, and now boasts over 2 million downloads per month.

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Public radio listeners are well familiar with the storytelling series, The Moth.  Its beginnings were modest, and in New York City – almost a storytelling version of the idea of house concerts.

Since then, it’s become an international phenomenon, with versions ranging from the raw, unexpurgated version to a more polished variety. 

Courtesy of Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee

Nearly a dozen storytellers will gather in front of an audience at Alverno College’s Wehr Theater on Sunday to speak to the experience of motherhood.