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American theatre  in the 1870s was much different than what theatregoers, and the actors themselves, experience today.

One influential actor from the 19th Century was Edwin Booth. Considered the father of American acting in theatre circles, Booth was supremely successful in his time. He was a member of the original royal family of American theatre, which included his father Junius and brother, the notorious John Wilkes Booth. Local actress and playwright Angela Iannone has already written and produced three plays about the great 19th Century American actor.

The live theater experience always carries with it a sense of event - the idea of everyone getting together in one place, often dressed nicely, to watch a thought-provoking or just entertaining stage play.  Summer in Wisconsin, though, affords another theater going experience people look forward to - the ability to watch live theater outdoors.

Grammy-nominated Broadway performer Cheyenne Jackson is a celebrated entertainer widely known for his roles on the television shows Glee and 30 Rock. He first garnered acclaim on Broadway where his soaring voice, charisma, and matinee idol looks won over both audiences and critics. Jackson has performed at The Kennedy Center, sold out Carnegie Hall, and was a principal soloist on West Side Story, which was nominated for Best Musical Theater Album at the 2015 Grammys.

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Professional wrestling is nothing if not theatrical. There are good guys to cheer and bad guys to boo, and good and evil fight it out in the ring every night. When you talk about the Mexican tradition of lucha libre, in which the wrestlers wear colorful masks that they seldom remove - even in their real lives, the level of theatricality jumps even higher.

John McGivern is no stranger to Milwaukee audiences.

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The new play after all the terrible things i do premiered at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater this week.

For forty years, Milwaukee Public Theatre has taken its art to the streets. And the neighborhoods. And the schools. 

James Magruder: A Multifaceted Artist

Jul 30, 2014
Miriam Berkley

Author / playwright James Magruder was recently in town to talk about his collection of linked stories.

Magruder began his professional life in the theater and, went on to become a playwright and teacher at Swarthmore College and the University of Baltimore.

The talented James Magruder is currently wearing his novelist and short story writer hat. 

Chad Bauman

As it opens its 60th anniversary season, the Milwaukee Rep is in a good place.

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What do you get when you combine a jobless art therapy graduate, a kleptomaniac teenager with anger management issues, and a tiger on the loose?