UW System

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Across the U.S., public universities are seeking less input from state leaders, on how to spend money, build and teach.

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Gov. Walker says he’s giving university leaders what they’ve wanted for years.

Pres. Ray Cross wants the UW System to consider reducing the number of credits needed for graduation and the need for elective courses.

Federal appeals court wants a state response to a request, that the full court reconsider the status of Wisconsin's Voter ID law.

The U.S. Dept. of Education has agreed to award financial aid to students enrolled in one of the UW System's new competency-based programs.

The University of Wisconsin System says it needs more money in the next biennial state budget.


The Board of Regents announced Thursday that Ray Cross will head the UW System.

Selection panel narrows field to: Raymond Cross, Peter Garland and Robert King. The UW Board of Regents pick Kevin Reilly's successor on Jan. 8.

After months of planning, the UW System will begin admitting students into its new Flexible Option program on Monday.

The UW Board of Regents says it must offer competitive salaries to lure top talent. One legislator calls the move, rewarding the  "administrative elite."