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A month ago, winds blew dust off a huge pile of coal, stored outside of the We Energies' Oak Creek Power Plant onto homes and cars of families just north of the operation. The episode seems to have galvanized broader concerns among neighbors about the health impacts of the coal-burning plant.

Over 160 people attending a listening session with We Energies executives filled an Oak Creek Library meeting room to capacity Wednesday evening.

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Over the last few years, nearly 70 homeowners in Milwaukee neighborhoods have jumped on the renewable energy bandwagon and installed solar on their rooftops.

Their rooftops combined produced enough electricity to offset the burning of over 200,000 pounds of coal in a year’s time.

The City’s Milwaukee Shines program helps coordinate the neighborhood initiatives. It has targeted Riverwest, Bay View and most recently Layton Boulevard West and Washington Heights.

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Next summer, the EPA is expected to roll out the final plan directing states to cut emissions from coal burning power plants. It is part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan.

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After months of contention, the Public Service Commission voted Friday to allow We Energies to raise fixed monthly charges from $9 to $16.

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If the proposal is approved, all customers will still see a jump in the fixed charge on their electric bills,  from $9 a month to $16.

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Before the public has its say about the utility's request to raise electric rates, especially for people who power with solar panels, We Energies faced a technical review before the Public Service Commission.

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The utility wants to add a surcharge for people who use solar. Alderman Tony Zielinski introduced a resolution to oppose the move Wednesday. 



The wheels are spinning on a $9 billion utility merger.

Moratorium Lifted, Energy Shutoffs May Begin

Apr 14, 2014
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On Tuesday, Utility companies in Wisconsin can begin disconnecting customers who have not paid their electricity bills.

The Common Council has ordered two agencies to explore the city's options for becoming energy independent. WE Energies disputes reasons cited.

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  WE Energies may close its power plant in Marquette, because a large mining customer there is switching providers. Unlike Wisconsin, Michigan allows electric choice.