Wisconsin 2014 Election

Election clerks will count absentee ballots, after regular finishing with those cast in person on Tuesday, Election Day.


While Wisconsin hustles to enact its Voter ID law for the November election, two Republican leaders want the ballots changed.

Milwaukee County voters are in for a rerun next month. The primary for sheriff will, again, feature incumbent David Clarke and Milwaukee Police Lieutenant Chris Moews. They faced off in 2010. 

The Milwaukee County Board voted on Thursday to place three questions on the November 4 ballot.

It seems women candidates and women’s issues may play prominently in Wisconsin’s 2014 elections. Two are interested in running for governor, and at least one national group – Emily’s List plans to be involved. Among the legislation that’s been generating strong reaction in Wisconsin are items concerning abortion and contraception. And two new PACS - political action committees recently formed to kick-up more interest here among female candidates and voters.

While Republican activists fan out to register voters, Democratic women have formed a new PAC. Both camps know they have about one year to prevail.