Wisconsin Assembly

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There were unpleasant moments on the Assembly floor Tuesday, when a Republican representative made an obscene gesture at Democratic leader Peter Barca. The initial irritant was a news release GOP Assemblyman Bob Gannon of Slinger issued last week, complaining about Milwaukee’s homicide rate and black unemployment. Democrats demanded an apology. Gannon apologized, but only for making what he called, an improper gesture in the heat of battle. Earlier in the day, members of both parties came together on several issues including four bills aimed at preventing heroin addiction.

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UPDATE: The Assembly has voted to change Wisconsin's campaign finance laws and to scrap the Government Accountability Board.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says the two new standing committees reflect Republican priorities for the legislative session that begins January 5.

Wisconsin to Get Tougher on Pot Possession

Jan 21, 2014

Nearly half of America’s states have eased up on the use of marijuana, but Wisconsin is moving toward further criminalization of the drug.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says his chamber is too busy to consider a divisive Senate bill to limit local power over mining operations.